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Residential Services near Richmond, VA

Iron Bridge Recovery Center offers premier residential services to the residents of Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.

Iron Bridge’s residential program is typically 30 days in length but may be tailored based on need and or individual progress. Everyone is unique and progresses at different rates in the early stages of recovery.  The main goal is to build recovery resiliency.  Iron Bridge will remain transparent regarding all aspects of your care including the length of stay in residential programming.  

Iron Bridge provides a co-ed setting, tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our residential program emphasizes a structured community approach while establishing not only early recovery skills but also a long-term foundation for recovering adults.

Residential Services at Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge's Residential Treatment Services:
At Iron Bridge, every day is structured to provide intensive intervention and to educate, encourage and empower each resident’s movement into a drug and alcohol-free life. Each day is full and designed to optimize the time we have with our clients and set them up for success when they leave Iron Bridge. Our inpatient residential treatment services allow those suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders to focus on learning to live life without alcohol or other drugs and to develop the tools needed to navigate life without them. We know that choosing an inpatient residential treatment center is a difficult decision because it means stepping away from family, work and comfortable routines.
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Minimum of 6 hours of group programming per day
  • 12-Step recovery, community-based meetings
  • Early recovery skills development
  • Family counseling
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Dealing with co-dependency
  • Restorative parenting
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Addiction services
Because no two people are the same, the Iron Bridge Residential Program is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Iron Bridge’s residential program utilizes an evidence-based structured approach toward establishing a strong foundation in recovery. 

This program incorporates the essential components of 12-Step recovery to focus on body, mind, and spirit. Residential services adhere to the traditional 12 Steps, which highlight the spiritual principles of HonestyOpen-MindednessWillingnessCourage, and Integrity.

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