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Addiction Treatment near Richmond, VA

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We know what it takes to heal from addiction. We will give you all of the tools you need to take back control of your life.

From how to avoid your addiction triggers to relearning healthy habits, we offer a customized program to each individual that will help you build an environment, community, and lifestyle that will give you the structure you need for lifelong recovery.

Alcohol Addiction can be overcome.

Addiction Information

Our mission is to improve the lives we touch. We do this through tactful, custom training to fit each individual who comes through our doors. When you leave, you’ll do so with life skills that will assist in your ongoing recovery.

Treatment Programs

Iron Bridge Recovery Center in Chester, Virginia, offers residents of the greater Richmond area a quality addiction recovery program. We cater our care program to the individual, meaning each person’s treatment program is customized to their unique needs and preferences. We combine clinical, psychiatric, medical, and holistic treatments with building life skills, self-esteem, and a supportive community to give each guest the best chance for recovery. 

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